Tallgrass Software Solutions
SQL Based Web Transaction Software
Tallgrass Trader Pro®

An outstanding online Trading and Classifieds software suite that consists of a fully integrated front end (for customer use) and backend (for management use). This software runs under J2EE which enables it to be fully scalable to run on server clusters, for mega access by sellers and buyers. Tallgrass Trader Pro™ can be run in either hemisphere and at any longitude and always delivers local time to the visitor. The product has a massive set of features that have now matured since development started in 2000. Tallgrass Trader Pro™ is a fine example of our SQL mastery and the way SQL drives the plethora of client friendly features.

Tallgrass Job Listing Classifieds Pro®

An outstanding and full featured online employment listing software suite that consists of a fully integrated front end, for customer use and a sophisticated backend, for management use.

Tallgrass PhotoDirector Pro®

Professional Photographers' proofing and customer display E-Commerce software. PhotoDirector Pro® is a hosted personalised E-Commerce enabled software product that enables photographers' customers to sort, make wishlists, store shopping basket contents, order online and place re-orders months after the initial shoot or event.

PhotoDirector Pro® is used by professional photographers' websites all over the world.

Tallgrass Cloud CRM®

Coming Soon!

Outstanding Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Cloud hosted and can be accessed anywhere the Internet exists on PCs, Tablets as well as hand held Smart Phones. This product is primarily aimd at Sales and Service organisations who don't want the complexity and required training for the larger expensive packages.

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