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About Our Company

Tallgrass Software is a 'boutique' custom software development company based in Sydney, Australia.
We specialize in SQL integrated 'in and out' functional transaction super secure 'Cloud' based standard and bespoke software written in JAVA Enterprise or JAVA EE (J2EE) code. Note that JAVA Enterprise is widely used by many of the giant websites on the planet and is maintained by both IBM and Sun Microsystems (now Oracle).

Our History

Tallgrass Software has been in the software business since 1992, however our founder, Tony McCormick has been developing software since 1975.

Right from the start Tallgrass developed commercial real world solid applications aimed at cutting operating costs and improving organizational efficiency.

Tallgrass Software employs only the best and most experienced software engineers and systems designers. Our senior engineering staff have been in the software business since 1976, when mainframes and minis prevailed.

Since that period the company has developed in Assembler, C++, ASP, J2EE, ColdFusion MX under J2EE and ASP.Net. Tallgrass Software's CEO, Tony McCormick has been working with SQL since 1986 and was a Microsoft Tester for MS SQL in 1995.

Tallgrass developed the first remote access to the Accpac Accounting Suite for MS SQL which extended use by manufacturers, distributors and retailers over broad geographic areas without violating Accpac software licences, in year 2000.

Due to our knowledge and experience of professional and high tech photography, in 2003 Tallgrass developed a suite of software that allowed professional photographers to upload and resize on the fly complete image results from commercial shoots. This allowed their clients to proof, select, order, re-order, sort and select favorites within hours of a 'shoot'. The Tallgrass team wrote the first software routines that would extract Exif data from images during upload and store details of the camera used, the date and time shot, the geo location of the shoot and much, much more. All this data was then stored in a SQL log of the shoot for later reference and sorting.

Our Team

Our team is small but very, very experienced and is led by Tony McCormick a former professional engineer.

Mr McCormick has extensive experience in:

  • Network architecture and implementation
  • Server selection for specialised Application Servers and SQL Server
  • Access security
  • Multi level access via assigned roles in J2EE
  • 128 bit data encryption and hashing of all information that needs to be stored and accessed online
  • Scalability of central systems that grow to multiple round robin application servers
  • Strict cost control and prevention of feature creep and blowout.

Mr McCormick's specialty is database architecture design, Transact SQL code writing as well as complex query structure and stored procedure processes and then final implementation and rollout for production.

In essence, if you want a specialised system, a specialised database design that will give maximum reliability and uptime, Tallgrass Software can do it.

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