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We've Been Writing Successful Cloud Based Software
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Welcome To Tallgrass Software®

Tallgrass Software® is a boutique software development company based in Sydney, Australia.
Tallgrass Software® designs and develops world class, enterprise wide, Business To Business and Business To Consumer, SQL driven transaction software.

We also produce special tailor made software that might suit your industry.

Tallgrass Software® produces 'Cloud Based' online transaction software that doesn't need to be loaded on your workstation or tablet and can be accessed from anywhere in the world where there is Internet access.
Maybe You Have A Need That We Can Fulfil?

Want To Get A Second Opinion On Proposed IT Capital Expenditure?
We Guarantee To Save You Money.
We specialize in second opinions on proposed IT capital expenditure - we guarantee to save you money.

We're very good at it. We don't sell hardware and we don't represent anyone that does so we are TOTALLY impartial. We can protect you from industry 'sharks'

We have a history of saving companies many thousands of dollars about to be invested on equipment that will NOT improve their performance objectives. We're extremely competent in finding where the 'REAL' bottlenecks in your system are and where your hard earned dollars should be spent.

There are no catches, no hidden commissions or playing favorite brands. We still get a kick out of seeing you improve your bottom line by taking our advice. If we can't save you money, we don't send a bill!!

Our Software On Hand Helds

We Now Run On Tablets and Smartphones

All current Tallgrass software suites and projects are now 'responsive' to screen size and will adapt to almost all known Apple and Android based devices.

Frankly we would never run our E-Commerce software on an I-Phone or a Galaxy S series but many people do and it works well. We think that an I Pad or other Tablet is much more workable. However we've designed the software to collapse on small screens and it works well.

Coming Soon

Tallgrass Cloud CRM®

Outstanding Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Cloud hosted and can be accessed anywhere the Internet exists on PCs, Tablets as well as hand held Smart Phones. This product is primarily aimed at Sales and Service organisations who don't want the complexity and required training for the larger expensive packages.

Tallgrass Trader Pro®
An outstanding online trading software suite that consists of a fully integrated front end, for customer use and a sophisticated backend, for management use.

Tallgrass Job Listing Classifieds Pro®
An outstanding online employment listing software suite that consists of a fully integrated front end, for customer use and a sophisticated backend, for management use.

Tallgrass PhotoDirector Pro®
Professional Photographers' proofing and customer display E-Commerce software.
Tallgrass PhotoDirector Pro® is a hosted personalised E-Commerce enabled software product that enables photographers' customers to sort, make wishlists, store shopping basket contents, order online and place re-orders months after the initial shoot or event.
Want A Web Site That Does More Than Just Show Pretty Images?

Many, many web designers exist and most can devise pretty designs and images, however not many people do what we do. We're software developers and not graphic designers.

We design transaction based web software that fully manages an online catalog and provides an interface for your company management and a separate interface for your customers, whether they are wholesale or retail.

This is a specialty. We can design or just advise on a live updating catalog driven presence with secure role based access by your customers, your staff and your management.

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